What color is more obvious when wearing a yellow suit?

Sunglasses is to prevent UV, then what color to fight UV? That is yellow, yellow is the most dazzling color, in the spring and summer sunshine season can be less yellow embellishment? Green fruit children's clothing with yellow costumes. A such a dazzling color, how can I mix it? Bright colors

JANE STORY [summer] new listing of "retro memories"

JANESTORY this season launched the series of silk georgette, retro style, soft and elegant texture, transparent and multi-layered overlapping, if the shadow is now, revealing layers of women's sweet and elegant. This series uses 100% mulberry silk, soft and elegant, comfortable and breathable

Tracerstan Jade Effect

The tracedstan jade is actually an Islam jade or jade. The name of the marker is written by Emperor Qianlong personally. Qing Dynasty is located in the north of India, including Kashmir and Western Pakistan. The jade materials in the Qing Dynasty are mostly Heyu jade in the southern Xinjia