Where is the production of tourmaline?

The tourmaline is rich in color and has a wide distribution. However, most of the tourmalines in the market are from Brazil. Others include Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Italy, California and Myanmar, and even mainland

How to fix the bad points of the LCD screen?

[China Glass Network] With the recent maturity of imaging technology, many people choose to replace their TV products at home. Although the colorful light and shadow are very exciting, if there is a bad point on the screen, it will still make the screen effect greatly reduced.

Jinhua Wanda Hopeshow red sleeve elegant new image debut

Jinhua Wanda Hopeshow red sleeve , the new image of elegant debut ~ Large areas of white, beige, and the use of interspersed black lines to create a refined sense of simplicity; different sizes of round wide-angle lens captured details in all directions, making the entire space transparent and br