Classification of Chinese embroidery factions

Classification of Chinese embroidery factions China's embroidery is so beautiful that it is one of China's outstanding ethnic traditional handmade crafts. Everyone marvels at its beauty and legends, and learns more about its factions.

Suzhou embroidery: Suzhou embroidery, known as fine, elegant and clean. The pattern is beautiful, the color is quiet, the needle is flexible, the embroidery is meticulous, and the image is vivid. Skills can be summarized as "flat, light, Qi, uniform, and, Shun, fine, dense" eight words. There are dozens of acupuncture methods, commonly used are needles, grab needles, trocars, net embroidery, yarn embroidery and so on. Embroidery is divided into two categories: one is a real product, there are quilt cover, pillowcases, embroidery clothes, costumes, table blankets, cushions, etc.; one is appreciation products, a Taiwan screen, hanging shaft, screens and so on. Widely used, there are flowers, animals, figures, landscapes, calligraphy and so on.

Xiangxiu: Early Xiang embroidery was mainly embroidered with daily-use decorations, and later it gradually increased the works of the painting theme. Xiang embroidery is characterized by the use of velvet thread (non-tanned wool) embroidery, silk thread detail, embroidery piece suede pattern with a sense of reality. Often based on Chinese paintings, the colors are rich and bright, and the shades of yin and yang in color are highly emphasized. The shapes are vivid and vivid. The style is unrestrained. They once had the reputation of "embroidery can be raw, embroidered birds can listen to sound, embroidered tigers can run, embroidered people can express themselves."

Guangdong Embroidery: The composition is complex but not chaotic, the color is rich and beautiful, the needle step is even, the needle method is changeable, the texture is clear, and the water is good. There are many categories of Cantonese embroidery products, including banners, hanging screens, and Taiwan screens. There are quilt covers, pillowcases, bed curtains, shawls, headscarfs, desks, and embroidered clothes. Generally more flowers and birds, rich in decorative taste.

Embroidery: Embroidered with soft satin and color silk as the main raw material. The subject matter includes landscapes, figures, flowers and birds, wormfish and so on. The acupuncture has been preliminarily sorted out and there are more than 100 types such as trocars, faint needles, oblique needles, swirl needles, needles, shed needles, and knitting needles. There are varieties of daily necessities such as quilt covers, pillowcases, embroidery clothes, and uppers, as well as appreciating items such as table screens and hanging screens.

Qiang Embroidery: tiger-headed shoes with tiger's breath, lotus hats with safflower green leaves, flower-enveloped belly with embroidered phoenixes, lion pillows, tiger head pillows, goldfish pillows, dragon pillows, and phoenix pillows.

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