To create the perfect curve to protect breast health is the first step

If you want to create a personal image, bloom the charm of a woman; if you want to improve the overall quality, grasp the two sentiments, have a happy life, to create the perfect curve, breast care is an essential step. The election of underwear , wear underwear is the first step to show women themselves, the first step did not do well, so the effort may be in a flash into nothing. Fiber Yan slimming underwear, comfortable and healthy style, from the inside out for women to create the perfect curve.


Different cup-shaped underwear its wearing effect is not the same, take this drop-shaped cup, it is sagging breasts, outward expansion of the female effect is better, because close to full cup-shaped mold cup Better wrapped, and shoulder strap and cup into one, but also help to droop the chest to pull back to the appropriate breast position, slowly improve the drooping condition, into the side than the soft rubber and U-shaped steel ring, you can Good shape of the chest.

打造完美曲线 呵护乳房健康是第一步

If your chest type has been maintained very well, there is no drooping, such as the expansion of the problem, then an ordinary 3/4 cup underwear to meet your needs, but also to your very good The perfect curve is presented, it should be noted that do not ignore the role of the next chops, a certain width of the lower chock bit can make your bra wear more stable, to avoid displacement, fat spills and other conditions, but also a certain degree of prevention of chest deformation effect.

3D Embroidery Fabric

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