How to wear a coat with a collar

The most popular winter women's clothing belonged to woolen coats, and certainly a must-have for every girl in the closet, plus fur collar decorated more warm atmosphere, luxurious fur collar is the most in the fashion Elemental, highlights the luxurious temperament. Light-colored coat also conveys immense vitality and vitality in winter, put aside the sense of bondage, easy to create youthful and beautiful tide girl.


Batik clothes are new autumn and winter 2013

Loose-colored version of the loose coat combines casual and fashion sense, fold the sleeve design to practicality and fashion line perfect blend together, very modern urban taste. Black and white printed base shirt with a purple miniskirt, rich colors bring a strong visual experience, glow more confidence and charm.

毛领呢子大衣怎么搭配  大衣怎么穿显身材

Batik clothes are new autumn and winter 2013

Reddish brown warm red and domineering exposed white fur collar combination, generous body relaxed and comfortable, abandoned the tight bundle of clothing experience, choose to comfort based. Black lace clever blend in, casual dress mixed with a woman can not fade femininity. Siamese socks dark base, rich sense of color.

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