Boudoir underwear bloom "Charm Women's Day" new detonated visual temptation

Cold raging, many people wrap themselves into dumplings, "Charm Women's Day" underwear show in Xuchang, Henan hot! Hot body models dressed in different styles of underwear through the T-Taiwan, sometimes dynamic, sometimes charming, sometimes glamorous, brilliant interpretation of underwear brand new boudoir series. Be fantastic fashion show, eye-catching visual feast, to become the most unique winter scenery.


Star-studded stage, sexy models, beautiful, live audience overflowing, a warm atmosphere, the rapid warming of the plaza. Boudoir brand vividly show the current quarter of the current trend of underwear, aroused strong repercussions. This winter, the beautiful is not "frozen", boudoir breathing underwear with its natural health philosophy, stylish new style once again raised concerns.

Boudoir with two decades of precipitation to lead the fashion trend of China's underwear, a field of underwear show will set off a wave of fashion lingerie stocks. From all over the country distributors, franchisees, the major media and many celebrities to come to this fashion event, to share the new trend of underwear fashion, tap new business opportunities.

闺秘内衣绽放“魅力女人节” 新品引爆视觉诱惑

Gui Mi underwear brand simple but not simple, respected fashion without blindly follow, has its own innovative design concept, but also to "protect the health of women" as its mission, committed to providing women with comfortable, stylish lingerie and caring service. Boudoir underwear again with keen powers of observation to seize market opportunities, through the return to the market, located in the end customers, end-customer-oriented new strategic model to bring more benefits to dealers nationwide.

闺秘内衣绽放“魅力女人节” 新品引爆视觉诱惑

Gui Lin underwear based in China, the world, with strong momentum of development, invites all people with lofty ideals in the beauty of the new underwear movement. Attracting on-site investment incentives, unique and systematic service support, fashion design concept of product design, with distributors, regional distributors, mutual benefit and win-win, hand in hand with the development of new markets underwear, underwear create a golden career future.

闺秘内衣绽放“魅力女人节” 新品引爆视觉诱惑

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