Warmly celebrate Jie Milan Lantern Zhanjiang two new stores opened and successfully signed Henan agent

Gradually cold weather did not stop Jie Milan Landi children's clothing agents, joined the enthusiasm, two shops in Zhanjiang at the same time on December 8 solemnly opened it! Are located in: Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, Zhanjiang Chikan District, No. 376 Xichuan Road, CapitaLand negative ground floor, Zhanjiang Suixi County Quanfeng Central Plaza, 3rd Floor, the opening of new stores, not only to further expand the children's wear market share, and more Is sent to the local children's winter clothes. During the opening of the audience 8.8 new folding, waiting for what, speed to buy it! Jamilante Emperor children's clothing on the national market, the big skeleton layout is slowly opened the curtain, in addition to the opening of new stores, but also recently ushered in the successful signing Miss Liu Jie Milan Landi children's clothing area in Henan Province, the market layout to further extend the extension of Jamie Lan Di people Dedication, meticulous service never stop, fashion Europe and South Korea style Jie Milan Landi children's clothing, is heading toward the goal of China's children's leading brand step by step! China's children's clothing market is generally optimistic about the prospects, more and more people with lofty ideals put on children's clothing business, but also more and more children's clothing dealers choose to be a partner Milan Jiedi Landi; cooperation and win-win business philosophy, meticulous shop Guidance, "whole shop output type" entrepreneurial services, the entire shop guide, senior manager in support, is the dealer to join Jamilandi Di primary factor, but also Demi Milan Dili children's clothing market leader to ensure a strong guarantee! The future, I believe Jamie Lanteng will have more glory, more brilliant chapter, let us wait and see! Here, for more children to create a colorful, colorful and beautiful childhood.

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