In the first place, strict requirements, further improve the level of power safety production

Speech on the July 13th Shengli Conference Call 1 The basic situation and main features of the company's safety production in the first half of this year In the first half of this year, the system safety situation of the same power company was relatively stable. On the 31st of January, a safe cattle production conference was held. After the meeting, all units have carefully arranged and implemented to ensure safe and reliable power supply during the Spring Festival. In the first half of this year, the company's system reform and other work were very heavy. With the comprehensive development of the urban and rural power grid construction and renovation projects and the improvement of the rural power management system, the small-scale one is broken, and the peak period of the construction of the Xiahe Power Transmission and Transformation, especially the urban and rural power grids. The scale is unprecedented. Increased the task and difficulty of safety management work The leaders of the company system and the employees at all levels faced the situation of production and reform. Adhere to the same idea that the production of the same six is ​​the same as the safety of the enterprise; the enterprise legal person is the same as the person responsible for the safe production; the effective safety regulation system does not change the strength of the same small production. The principle of producing the focus of re-emphasis remains unchanged; We must do a good job in the tradition of safety and work. In accordance with these six unchanging requirements, we must persist in seeking truth and being pragmatic, and manage innovation, so that the company’s systemic roads can cause serious accidents, large system accidents, and vain success. According to the statistics of the Pivot Express, the number of deaths in power production in the first half of the year was down by 15.4 compared with 13 people in the same period of last year. The company's system is the capacity of the power grid, increasing the system's continuous expansion of the juice power production accident for three consecutive years. In the first half of this year, there was a significant decline in the number of accidents and equipment accidents 379 times. Compared with the first phase of 1999, we must be sober and profoundly aware that we are leaving the Party Central Committee and the State Council leaders to be safe. There are still gaps in production requirements. The new situation 1 studies new issues in safety production, and analyzes the new unfavorable factors and the targeted measures that need to be taken in the new situation. Very not specific. Since the beginning of this year, there is still one life that has died in power production accidents, and the specific analysis of each accident can be avoided. In the first half of this year, the local power grid of small people still has a power outage, and some equipment still exists in the power supply equipment. Hidden accidents, man-made liability misoperation accidents have not been eliminated, and some accidents have a greater impact on enterprises and society. These accidents and accidents have warned us that there must be no loosening of safety and productivity. From the occurrence of urban and rural power grid construction and transformation in this year, the safety of personnel is serious. On February 26 this year, 1255, Deyang Electric Power Bureau Zhongjiang Power Supply Company in the transformation of 220 low-voltage rural power grid, when replacing the low-voltage line conductors, because the construction personnel made the line for the safety protection measures, causing the body to pull, the line passed Fiercely, the conductor of the low-voltage line was bounced and hit the 101 high-voltage line that crossed it, causing six people to die and two people with minor injuries. On June 24th, the subcontracting unit of the Shaanxi Baoji Power Supply Bureau's 0-agricultural transformation project did not take any safety technical measures after the tower had assembled the fastening screws, and replaced the tower main village, causing the tower to dump. The last six staff members fell, causing one death, three serious injuries, and one vicious accident of one foot injury. In particular, in the management of outsourcing projects, there are serious safety measures that are not in place, safety supervision is not in place, safety production regulations are not strictly enforced, qualifications are not reviewed by contractors, and even some units contract urban and rural power grid construction and renovation projects. For the unqualified Xiaogong, 1 must pay attention to the participation of urban and rural power grid reconstruction and construction, the situation of people is more complicated, the quality of personnel is low, the general knowledge of Antong is weak, the safety knowledge is poor, and the self-protection ability is extremely poor. For example, + recognition 1 will be rectified, and similar incidents will occur, and even more questions may be asked.

Violation of the operation of the operation, still prohibited. In the past 10 years, a lot of work has been done in researching and implementing the organizational measures and technical measures for the anti-Han operation. The results have been obvious. The statistics show that these years have been mishandled 4; therefore, they have been declining year by year, but this year, misoperations have risen again. There were 14 vicious misoperations in only 5 cases. This accident was unbelievable when the equipment was not checked and the wrong operation ticket was issued. For example, on June 1st, Hunan Yueyang Electric Power Bureau 220 let Baling Substation, due to the substation, class, serious violation of the safety regulations, the operation of the series of rules, no investment, no ticket operation, before installing the grounding wire No electricity inspection, eventually led to 220 loss of pressure in the Balingxia Substation, loss of load 0 elbow, at the same time, the arc of the grounding short circuit caused wearing chemical fiber trousers violated the labor cadre, sprinkled after work, hitting the metal ladder in the substation Strings, even the most basic and most basic ones are often prepared, no one is stopping, the nature is very serious. The causes of misuse accidents are multi-faceted. It seems that the root cause reflects that the safety awareness of employees and the quality of their business cannot meet the needs of their work. It also reflects the fact that some of the leaders of the unit’s leaders only have a management safety education and lack strict requirements. . In short, the security responsibility system has not yet been implemented.

The security and stability of the power grid is not optimistic. Since the beginning of this year, there have been no major power grid blackouts, but the accidents that endangered the people's power grids still occur frequently. The 220-year-old and the substation are all stopped. Therefore, 15 cases have occurred since the end of June. This is an astonishing number, an average of 2.5 times a month. In this case, some are the equipment itself, some are caused by external forces and natural dangers, but the more serious is caused by direct human factors. These have caused power outages in the W section, and some even stopped several kW loads, and some caused power outages in important factories and mines. This not only caused serious losses to users, but also severely affected the company’s image. Fuda Power Grid operates safely; if Xiao 1 takes effective measures to curb it, it is likely to cause accidents that disrupt electricity stability and large-scale power outages. 2 According to the important thinking requirements of generations, raise the awareness of the importance of safety production. It is related to the safety of the country and people's lives and property, and to the vital interests of the people. To do a good job in safety production, we must conscientiously implement General Secretary Jiang Zemin's important thoughts on generations and put the interests of the broad masses of the people in the first place. General Secretary Jiang and the leadership of the Party Central Government. Zhi has repeatedly stressed that it is necessary to attach great importance to work safety and safeguard the safety of people's lives and property. Last year, 16th, Jiang Zong;! After the explosion of the boiler room in Zhining Xia Yin, a pressure vessel such as a boiler was made. Its quality is directly related to the safety of the state property and the lives of the people. It must not be slightly negligent. The matter of human life is bound to be cautious and careful, to ensure that Wan You lost this late March 12 this year, General Secretary Jiang immediately approved the accident after the 3. large explosion accident, and we have made many batches. However, similar accidents continue to occur, which is very distressing. I believe that the relevant departments will also have provisions, and they have not been seriously implemented. It is worth thinking about the relevant departments.

This is a systematic project, from safety production specifications to business license management, from product quality to the explosion-proof fire prevention education, especially worthy of our good lessons. In particular, the family school society must strengthen the safety education for children and children, and care about their growth in all aspects to reflect our party's concern for the broad masses of the people. Through this matter, it is also very specific to anti-corruption. Under the conditions of the socialist market economy, + can allow people to endanger the lives of the people as long as they have money. On June 30, General Secretary Jiang also made an important explosion in the explosion accident at the Jiangmen Fireworks Factory in Guangdong. In March this year, the explosion occurred at the Tingxi Pingxiang Firecracker Factory. I once made a long batch of small batches, only 3 In the past month, a similar incident occurred in Jiangjiang City, Guangdong Province. The Central Authorities also applied for regulations. Why do they continue to teach more and more, and how to confess to the people? Think again, whether you want money or not. In the heart of the matter, why the Ministry of Justice has turned a deaf ear. For anyone, serious apricots. Regarding the safe production of explosives, the relevant departments should, in conjunction with the March 3 General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Pingxiang Explosion Case, and the leaders of the Party Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, must give a small and full-scale view of the series of safe production. The spirit of the state and the people’s life and property are highly valued. At the same time, it is very clear that the work of safe production is by no means a simple economic question, but a very serious political question. Human life is closed to the people, how to confess to the people, this must be the leadership of all units must be firmly enshrined. In the big things in my heart, I can’t be sloppy. It is necessary to pay attention to safety production work and pay attention to the safety of people's lives and property. As an important indicator to measure the party members of leading cadres, they are not strong, and whether they are competent or not, as long as human production activities exist, safe production is the eternal master. The production work of Antong is not ethical to the healthy development of the economy, and it is related to social stability. In which place accidents occur frequently, the economic development of that place will be affected, the people will be unstable, and the society will be restless. Without safe production, there is no economic benefit to the production and operation of the power production industry, and it is related to thousands of households. All walks of life have a real understanding of their responsibilities and earnestly raise their awareness of the importance of safety production. The main responsible comrades of all units must proceed from the people's bureau that stresses political development and stability, and correctly handles the relationship between safety and production safety and efficiency, safety development and engineering progress, and puts safety production work on the agenda. Do it well.

3 Rebellion, strict requirements, progress and improvement of power security This year is the last year of this century, and also a key year for the reform and development of the national power company system. Safety work is the basic work related to the reform and development of the company system. In order to carry out the implementation of Jiang’s series of safety production and responsibility, and conscientiously implement the State Council’s emergency notice on strengthening safety production and the National Security Production Work Video Conference, Vice Premier Wu Bangguo mentioned the requirements of the country’s recent rumors. The safety level of the special accident production, combined with the actual situation of the company's system, proposes the following requirements.

3.1 Adhere to the main precautions of electric power production safety. For the sake of safety, there are 2 sentences, safety, and the other sentence is based on safety. These two references are very appropriate, we must remember that we must become The guiding ideology of good safety production is to say that if safety and other requirements such as progress and quality are required to occur, the person who is obeyed and who is placed in the first place.

Under any circumstance, we must unswervingly put safety in the first place, because security is a matter of human life. Once a security incident occurs, it is irreparable, and it is impossible to explain to the family members of the workers and the people. Safety is the foundation, which means that it is in a basic position in social life in the production and management activities of enterprises. The foundation is not strong, the ground is moving, the mountain is shaken, and the same is a question. All production and management activities and social activities are inevitably seriously affected. Specific to the safety of power companies is the basis for the benefits, but also the basis for the healthy development of power companies. This is confirmed by the practice of the past few years. It is the security and safety of safety and the safety and progress of quality. After many years of discussion, it has been repeated several times. The general approval of the general secretary of the 1st General Secretary has unified the understanding, that is, to maintain safety and prevention, and to be safe in the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. In the safe production of power companies, it is necessary to correctly distinguish and deal with the fork system of security management and reliability management. The security management and reliability management are also related to the scope of security management. For example, a dam accident in a fire and explosion hydropower plant, a large power grid damage, a power outage, and a large equipment damage accident will all have a major impact on society, so efforts must be made to prevent and eliminate it. Safety work is often related to the overall situation, and it is also a comprehensive reflection of the enterprise. Therefore, it is very natural to evaluate the work of the enterprise and the veto of the security ticket is very natural. In power safety work, grid security is of paramount importance.

At the Zhengzhou meeting, General Manager Yan called the lifeline of the power grid company, because it not only affected the economic benefits of the power company, but also caused extremely bad social impact. At present, it is necessary to ensure the security of the grid, and make great efforts to ensure that the safety of industrial and agricultural production and people's lives depends on power supply.

3.2 Seriously carry out the safety inspection. According to the emergency notice issued by the General Office of the Municipal Affairs Office to strengthen the safety production work, the power industry is a key industry for carrying out the inspection of the production of the same industry. The public is determined to concentrate on the power from now to the beginning of August. Conduct a thorough safety inspection. The main comrades of the company's system are responsible for the comrades to stipulate the safety of the safety inspection, and truly achieve the purpose of checking, allowing hidden dangers, implementing corrective measures, and improving the safety level of the island.

3.2.1 Inspection focus 1 Each power supply unit shall, in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements, do a good job in equipment maintenance, inspection and verification, and conscientiously implement various countermeasures, so as to effectively improve the health of the economy. Strengthen the treatment of toxic substances and radioactive sources of flammable 4 ç…º articles to prevent fire accidents, the focus is to prevent cable fire accidents. 2 Thermal power generation enterprises should focus on the inspection of the pressure vessel of the Xuxu container pressure component of the boiler; the emphasis here is on the implementation of the small thermal power unit replaced by the large-scale small technical transformation project and the small thermal power unit that was shut down as planned. It is no longer necessary to continue to operate and resume operation; otherwise, the occurrence of a security incident shall be the overall responsibility of the competent provincial network company leaders. In the safety inspection, it is necessary to implement the hope that the smashing of the steam smashing of the Shougang Power Plant in Beijing will lead to the death of six people. The hydropower plant said that the key inspection of the apricot dam, the hydraulic construction of the pressure pipe, etc. Good-sided flood prevention work; 4 power supply enterprises should focus on the implementation of the two-vote system of urban and rural power grid reconstruction sites and substations; 5 for thermal power transmission and transformation and hydropower construction enterprises, it is necessary to focus on apricot-type mechanical equipment and 4 burning 4 explosions The safety measures of the articles and the application 1; the 6-gorge power transmission and transformation project has entered the peak period of construction. There are many cross-over operations in the project. All participating units must take safety protection measures to avoid accidents such as electric shock and electric shock. Sending cattle; for the anti-umbrella measures across the electrified line to be strictly checked, to achieve no loss, this point must be paid attention to; otherwise, if the cattle accident, is a piece, the ruler and the extra large group of accidents, there have been Lessons. Just in the low-voltage distribution network transformation project, such accidents have occurred and should be taken as a warning; 7 enterprises in the design institutes of North China Power Meters of various scientific research institutes should conduct the same security inspection and improve safety measures. Establish various rules and regulations for safety management and establish a sound safety responsibility system. This time, I specially invited the leaders of the Design Institute of the Research Institute and the North China Electric Power University to attend the meeting at the main venue and the branch venue. This is something that has not been emphasized in previous safety inspections and is a weak link in safety work. It is hoped that these units must be implemented conscientiously; 8 the multi-business of the construction industry of the power supply enterprises of each power supply is also the focus of this safety inspection, especially for the hotel shops Kara, which are oriented to social services, and the strict inspection of the first-class places. Safety measures; those who do not have safety requirements for the safety inspection of transportation tools, strengthen the safety of the driver's education, earnestly implement the regulations, consciously avoid traffic risks, and ensure traffic safety, such accidents are not uncommon in power companies. 3.2.2 Inspection Contents 1 Implementation of the important documents of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the implementation of the spirit documents of the relevant conferences; 2 Implementation of the responsibility system for production safety; 3 Construction and implementation of various rules and regulations; 4 Monitoring measures for hidden dangers of accidents Implementation status. All units should, in light of their own specific circumstances, formulate their own inspection contents and requirements, and conduct safety inspections of apricots in the inspection and rectification of the side, while completing the original order of health, to achieve practical results, 3.3 progress; 31 safety production level First, to improve the level of safe production, we must strengthen management and start with three words. Strictness is to be strictly managed, strictly pursued, dare to take care of the rules, and be ruthless. Zhuang security management should be highlighted. 7. Strict requirements for people, first strict requirements for one; strict requirements for the level, first of all to lead their own strict requirements, to lead by example; to strictly investigate the responsibility of major accidents To change the current state of being lost to the lenient, it is necessary to adhere to the system of investigation of major accidents, and to combine the performance of safety production with the assessment of one department. This time, I specially invited the responsible comrades of the Personnel and the Ministry of Human Resources to participate in the work, that is, to start with the performance of safety production and the cadres, starting from scratch. To be aware of it, the anti-micro-duty will be slightly injured by screwing, put a serious injury, put an end to death to control abnormalities, reduce obstacles, prevent accidents, and eliminate serious accidents. In general, the current management of Antong is still extensive, and it is not a willing to do some intensive work. Often, documents are used to carry out documents, and conferences are held in meetings. The work that is done in the rough call is done at the factory. The document level is underground, and the measures are made one by one. There are not many operability things, and the effect is also + ideal. I hope that this security inspection has undergone a radical change. It is really down-to-earth, starting from the actual effect, not staying in the verbal, not just writing in the article, saying to others, writing to others, cutting the work must be effective, and paying attention to implementation. These three words are simple and simple to say, and it is not easy to do it. But if you really do it well, it will have a significant effect.

First, improve the safety of cattle. Production; 1 level, must implement scientific management, we must actively research and develop and adopt necessary technical measures, prevent problems before they occur, improve the foundation of safe work, strive to achieve safety management, scientifically institutionalize, and gradually replace the past Recently, the relatively backward part of the traditional management method, the new safety work regulations also clearly require that the safety inspection should be carried out in conjunction with the advanced safety management method of safety evaluation standards. One is to make progress in the past traditional safety inspection. Standardize and achieve great results. In the future, safety evaluation should be taken as an important means to raise the level of corporate safety. As technology advances, the power system moves toward higher numbers. The direction of long-distance automation is awkward, and the power system is especially entangled in the power grid. Therefore, the dangers caused to the society and enterprises will come more and more. The scale of the 3rd power grid will expand, and earning is the most prominent question, so it will not Out, yes, out, is a big accident, sometimes it is the disaster, so the other side, the power supply conflicts ease, the social school development of the people's living standards, the user's reliable supply of electricity The request is high. Even if it is a local power grid, the consequences and losses caused by its consequences are much greater than in the past. Therefore, the power grid accident is extremely important. Strengthening the scientific management of the safe production of the power grid is particularly important and must be taken care of.

First, improve the level of safe production. It is imperative to combine education and mechanism construction to achieve safety awareness and safety. No, shortcuts can be taken, relying on serious attitudes, scientific and meticulous management, not relaxing safety ideological education and skills training, paying attention to improving training effectiveness, focusing on the safety awareness of safety, safety knowledge and Safety skills. Nowadays, many grassroots positions, security training is done. How to go through the field, the effectiveness is less; more in the form. There are more contacts, and they often attach importance to science and technology. Ignore the cultivation of business skills, lack of analytical ability for abnormal situations and dedication to the development of defects and self-protection awareness and skills on the spot. Therefore, training should be more effective in terms of effectiveness, strengthen the construction of safety management mechanisms, and strengthen safety supervision. In the reform of various units, the work of the security supervision can only be strengthened and cannot be weakened. It is necessary to strictly supervise the bow assessment and truly reflect the responsibility department. The song award is 1 penalty, and the rights and responsibilities are unified. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees. Really make the workers change from thinking that I want to be safe to my safety. I am fascinated by the rewards and punishments, the competition, the order of the big environment, and truly the safe production management of the company system to a new water.

The national power company system safe production Ding. The work is facing a new historical period. In view of the transformation of the new and old enterprises in the process of system reform, it is necessary to concentrate on solving some new lessons and other songs. Wenjia Electric Power Co., Ltd. realized two pharynx and two. The strategy of international flow 0 bidders now puts higher requirements on safe production, and the task is arduous. But at the same time, it is also glorious. Let us work together and seriously implement the spirit of General Secretary Jiang and the State Council's request for strengthening safety production. Rebellious, strict requirements, and improve the safety level of the boat. For the development of the national economy. Social stability contributes.

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