Fashion Wizard adidas SLVR Plim Lace High

adidas extended sports fashion line adidas SLVR, will be the embodiment of the unique silhouette of aesthetics for the essence, all to a fresh sense of design as a fundamental. As an annual elegant creation, this Plim Lace High opens a new voyage to the adidas SLVR with a soothing personality. In f

Men's shoes new trend

This site on January 9 hearing, the main characteristics of men's shoes are different from the elegant and elegant women's shoes, more men's atmosphere, leisure side. Affected by fashion, men's shoes in the season's color design has been greatly changed, different from the prev

To join the bear B Qi clothing brand is guaranteed

Bear B children's clothing brand from Europe's top children's clothing brand to children in the economically developed regions distinctive personality, self-affirmation, enjoy the diversification and mental health as the entrepreneurial tone. "Bear B Qi" children's clothin

Healthy perfect sleep DIY tips

In the deep night, lying quiet, lying on the soft and comfortable pillows, slowly falling into the sweet dreams accompanied by the dreams... But not everyone has the blessing to enjoy the fun of falling asleep. According to incomplete statistics, about one-sixth of China's people have been o

Dr. Martens 2012 spring and summer Chalky series shoes

Dr. Martens Martin Shoes 2012 Spring-Summer Chalky Series 8-Eye and 3-Eye Boots feature colorful new colors to make sure that the most prominent place in your body is the foot shoes! Eye-catching blueberry, white, raspberry and sunshine yellow, the classic 8-Eye, 3-Eye style to create a hint of mod

The fake is that the hair is really fashionable

"Hello beautiful" star hairdressing consultant Jiang Yurong “Hello and beautiful” chief designer Alan is creating the overall look after wearing a wig for their professional models. A pair of clever hands, a piece of pure black mesh, six professional hair clips, all the hair

Brazilian cotton exports may increase by 42.4% in 2011

In early 2011, the seller was very optimistic about the price of cotton, and in March domestic and foreign market quotations hit a record high. This led to the expansion of cotton acreage and global supply. However, the demand did not follow up. Due to the high price of cotton trade, cotto