LA PRAZL Caring women refuse harassment

In the 12th Shenzhen International Clothing & Accessories Fair, by the Franco-Swiss attitude Women launched the "care for women, refused to harassment" attracted the attention of a wide audience of the site. Harassment is more prominent in big cities, examples of heterosexual harass

Home Dream Lace: How to maintain sanding bedding

Today, we invite our hometown consultants to talk about the concept of sanding, the functional characteristics of sanding products, and the related knowledge points of washing methods. The sanding product belongs to a functional product, which is a finishing of printing and dyeing. The sanding

Prince clan lingerie love their own life

The princely family lingerie takes the Italian royal clothing culture as the concept and extracts the quintessence of the Italian royal underwear culture. It perfectly meets the unique luxurious qualities of the Italian royal lingerie and the oriental women, leads the noble experience of the under

Lai Denya brand women's ~ your source of wealth

Li Denya brand women's ~ your source of wealth! Shenzhen Li Deng Ya Fashion Co., Ltd. is Hong Kong Yingying fashion international business group LIDENGYA brand in China's total agents. LIDENGYA women's brand in Europe and South Korea mainly to women's fashion, not only in the glob

TEMAR Tamas Women's Summer 2012 Sales Star List

Shenzhen Taima Clothing 2012 Summer Sale Hall of Fame TEMAR Taima Women's Single Store Sales Top 1 Gong Tomorrow Rainbow Taima Women's Clothing Store Single store sales second place 511TEMAR Taima Women's Store Taima Women's Single Store Sales Third Place Beijing Road TEMAR Women