ayk ladies summer fashion less dynamic fashion more vibrant

Colorful summer fashion, summer vitality enough flavor! Enthusiastic orange-red single product become popular this summer, ayk fashion less ladies brand , seize the female taste buds, with sweet orange to create a piece of exquisite single product, so that young women summer fashion more vitality!

How to capture theCarnaby ladies woman heart

Time flies, the years have entered the summer In July, the major new summer brand of women 's clothing is also in full swing in the hot, theCarnaby fashion brand women with its unyielding, adhere to self, innovative design style, greatly independent of the new female Welcome, in Beijing and ot

Summer essential cool Roman shoes with

Ben Wang July 12 hearing, in this hot summer, want to stand out and become the focus of attention, it must have their own unique personal style, then a pair of cool and handsome Roman shoes, but indispensable summer Joker single product, the following, just look at Xiao Bian, the influx of people

Shanghai towel quality inspection pass rate of 79%

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision notified the results of the 2013 Shanghai towel product quality supervision and spot checks. A total of 58 batches of towel products were spotted, 12 batches were unqualified, and the pass rate was 79%. Among them, there we

Breathe flat sandals comfort charm can not stop

Ben Wang July 3 hearing, beautiful and youthful flat sandal is one of the essential summer shoes, especially when shopping or traveling, the collection of comfort and fashion as one of the flat sandals will be your street eye-catching Sharp weapon. Here are some of the new 2013 spring and summer s