ayk ladies summer fashion less dynamic fashion more vibrant

Colorful summer fashion, summer vitality enough flavor! Enthusiastic orange-red single product become popular this summer, ayk fashion less ladies brand , seize the female taste buds, with sweet orange to create a piece of exquisite single product, so that young women summer fashion more vitality!


桀 骜 Rebellious pink, thought it was a girl-like color? Perhaps you are wrong, fashion wheel dart again into the avant-garde pink series, high-saturation pink tones, is no longer a girl-like pink, sexy, Enough impact has occupied the fashion circle first place.

a.y.k时尚少淑女装  夏季时尚更活力

Color collision, high saturation of color in the hot summer, becoming the first choice is not uncommon, but the essence of the collision is often confusing, with different shades of pure colors may be just with the beginner, high contrast color often with People can not beat, but to see ayk's collision a single product whether you have a new sense of match again, and inspiration.

a.y.k时尚少淑女装  夏季时尚更活力

Any one woman wants to look young and charming, especially in the most "sexy" summer. Striped outfit is also a kind of dress reduction, striped upper body always has the feeling of a college wind, tight skirts show extraordinary figure, graceful posture is really can not see where it is worth criticizing.

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Trampoline Fabric

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