How to capture theCarnaby ladies woman heart

Time flies, the years have entered the summer In July, the major new summer brand of women 's clothing is also in full swing in the hot, theCarnaby fashion brand women with its unyielding, adhere to self, innovative design style, greatly independent of the new female Welcome, in Beijing and other stores in Beijing have set a lot of performance! Xiao Bian today to introduce theCarnaby store in several popular products, to see how theCarnaby captured woman's heart!

嘉奈芘 - the Carnaby

Large chest wave of natural drape drape down, rich visual effects, but also highlights the feminine beauty; small suspenders style, a little playful and little sexy; sense of starry sense of print shorts elegant chic.


Ke Gen yarn embroidery fabric to create the popular semi-transparent hazy effect, exquisite embroidery elegant, small rounded lapel, but also adds a sense of admiration!


Exquisite lace embroidery, combined with bright and feminine feminine color, gives the impression of graceful vitality, according to the pattern of the trim, but also highlights the perfect flower pattern, is a wild single product Oh.


Upper body is hit by the color gradient cut flowers and acrylic drill combination, giving a person exquisite gorgeous feeling, smooth fabric, greatly enhance the good feeling. Cuffs cuffs and bright colors, more playful!

Tea light candle,is the kind of Colored Candles, also known as candle for coffee & tea.Its small size, long burning time, is the essentials of western family.Apply to hotels, churches, religious activity places. it is  with aluminum cans casting wax, commonly used  for  birthday, burning time from 1-3 hours according to calculate weight,  generally used in  bars, KTV, cafe ,and the Candle Light like tea light,the candle light same as the tea light,so called the tea light candle

Tealight Candles

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