Textile fabric companies capture global business opportunities

Textile fabric companies capture global business opportunities

As a factory in the world, China also has a vast market space. For overseas textile fabric companies, there are plenty of business opportunities here.

A lady's sweater with a price of 49.9 euros and a 100% Merino wool fabric at the Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France, is sold for about 800 yuan at the Galeries Lafayette in Beijing. The two clothes have the same brand, the same fabrics, and similar styles, and all are marked with the words “Made in China”. Why is the price of wool sweaters produced in China cheaper than that in China?

“At present, there is still a gap between the acceptance of pure cashmere and wool products by domestic consumers and that of foreign countries. For domestic consumers, a pure wool dress may not necessarily be available for everyone; abroad, pure wool The clothes are just ordinary consumer goods, the demand is higher than the domestic, the price is relatively low.” Huang Shuyuan, president of China Wool Textile Industry Association, gradually solved the reporter's doubts.

Although consumer acceptance and market demand still need to be raised, the cost of domestic wool products remains high, and China is still an important market for Australian Merino wool. "In recent years, Chinese wool textile companies and Chinese consumers have steadily increased the consumption of Australian Merino wool," said Huang Shuyuan.

At the 2014 China International Textile Fabrics & Accessories (Autumn & Winter) Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Autumn and Winter Accessories Exhibition”), the China Wool Textile Industry Association and the International Wool Bureau jointly exhibited and exhibited their 2014 Merino. China Wool Awards were selected for wool textile fabrics and products. For the wool textile industry, strengthening the connection with the international consumer market can further enhance the company's innovation and production capabilities, thus providing consumers with more and more stylish, high-quality, low-cost woolen products. For the textile industry, it is even more hoped that the Chinese market will become a party with international standards.

At this autumn and winter accessories exhibition, there were more than 1,100 overseas exhibitors. “The exhibition can help exhibitors to grasp the rising business opportunities in the Chinese mainland market,” an exhibitor from Pakistan told reporters.

Innovative fabric accessories

With the increase of high-income middle-income groups in China and their love for Western trends, innovative designs of functional materials and denim fabrics incorporating innovative technologies have become increasingly popular.

"At last year's show, the purchase of denim fabrics reached 15% of the total. Following the success of last year's denim fabric display area, the new design of the Jumping Cowboys in 2014 increased the exhibition space by 25% over last year." Xu Yingxin, executive vice president of the Textile Industry Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, told reporters.

This lucrative market has brought unlimited business opportunities to overseas companies. According to the person in charge of the exhibition, the new denim fabric collection has gathered most of the local mainstream fabrics and international denim fabric manufacturers, designers and marketing companies. The reporter went to a Spanish exhibitor's exhibition area and saw a wide range of the latest denim fabrics. The products include faded processing, new digital printing full of natural colors and poetry, cotton and Lycra and 100% Tencel fabrics, and with waves The jacquard fabric of the Shihlia style and the past urban feelings, the special texture of the cloth mixed with the atmosphere of the country, and the retro in the exquisite. "We are confident that our high-end Spanish denim fabric products are performing in the Chinese market," said the Spanish exhibitor.

In addition to denim fabrics, accessories and functional fabrics are also popular with buyers. In this autumn and winter accessories exhibition, buyers can find different types of accessories, including various styles of zippers, buttons, lace and embroidery, labels, tags, beads and other fashion accessories.

Functional fabrics and products reflect the development trend of the textile fabric industry and are becoming more and more popular. In this autumn and winter accessories exhibition, fabrics including thermal conditioning, moisture absorption, durability, elasticity, wind resistance and other functions were presented in front of everyone. "For the domestic consumer market, the demand for functional fabrics is particularly strong for sportswear, women's wear and men's wear. The functional fabrics on display include brand new functions, especially cleaning and safety functions, which are in line with consumer demand. "The person in charge of the exhibition said.

Excavate consumer potential

Behind the slight increase in export volume, quantity, and average unit price, is the result of the strengthening of China's fabric product innovation strength and the steady transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The new online and offline integrated development model is becoming a new trend in the fabric industry

With the Internet and new media methods fully intervening in the general environment of people's lives, the age of change that belongs to fabrics has come. The new online and offline integrated development model is becoming a new trend within the fabric industry.

“Now, new applications can be seen on both Taobao and Tmall.” Li Jianfeng, the general manager of linen department of Xinshen Group, told reporters, “Although Xinshen is a company that produces flax fabrics, it has been trying for the first two years. As a terminal, it sells online. These products are low in price and have good ideas and are deeply loved by consumers.” Nevertheless, Li Jianfeng also stated that the new applications currently lack product design and face the trend of online and offline integration. Still need further exploration and innovation. “Before the new application for export markets, 80% of the products were exported to foreign countries, and the domestic sales market is gradually expanding.”

At present, there are more than one textile fabric enterprises that have shown the trend of online and offline integration. The head of Guangdong Jianye Textile Group Co., Ltd. told the reporter that Jianye currently has a dedicated e-commerce website that can provide customers with various products. “There are many ways for fabric companies to build channels. In addition to participating in professional exhibitions, developing online businesses, and holding new product launches, companies must choose the development path that suits their situation,” said the person in charge of the Jianye Group.

In this autumn and winter accessories exhibition, Cao Bing, deputy general manager of Jiangyin Wah Fu Textile Co., Ltd., told the reporter that the company's next development goal is to expand into the apparel industry and cooperate with Taobao to enter the consumer product field. However, there are also some textile fabric companies that have switched to domestic sales and complain that the domestic market is not well-explored, and that foreign-trade companies may suffer from a disadvantageous situation.

As for how to make the domestic market, many foreign trade companies are still "two eyes are black" and do not know how to enter a mall, how to open a franchise, and how to expand the market through an e-commerce platform. “Some foreign trade companies that have already developed e-commerce and set up physical stores to explore the domestic sales market have found that the domestic market is still not mature enough and is not standardized. This has created a very big obstacle for foreign trade companies to enter the domestic market.” Zibo Lanyan Group Limited Liability The person in charge told the reporter.

It can be seen from this that the domestic market is not as big as imagined. In addition to relying on the further maturity of the domestic market for foreign trade enterprises to transfer domestic sales, it is crucial to increase experience and find the right approach.

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