The meaning of wearing a different finger

The meaning of wearing a ring with different fingers is different, and each finger represents a different meaning. What are the meanings of the finger wearing a ring, please see the detailed description below.

The more popular wearing method in the world:

Left hand:

1. Left index finger - want to get married, said unmarried.

2. The left middle finger - already in love.

3. Left-hand ring finger - already engaged or married.

4. Left hand tail finger - single.

Right hand:

1. Right hand little finger: don't fall in love.

2. Right hand ring finger: in love.

3. Right middle finger: famous flower has the Lord.

4. Right index finger: single noble.

As for the right hand, it is meaningful to wear a ring in the traditional way, that is, the ring finger. It is said that wearing it here means having the heart of a nun.

In addition, if you like to wear more than two rings on one hand or several rings at the same time, you should pay attention to the appropriate size, preferably the two hands are not the same, usually the right two left.

Different fingers need to be matched with rings of different shapes.

The index finger is the most assertive finger among the five fingers. Therefore, the shape of the ring should be long and the jewels should be large and tall.

The middle finger - a finger with strong personality, plus it is in the middle, so the ring must have a balance, square, cross, oval ring, will make the left and right balance.

Ring finger - is considered to be the most slender, most beautiful fingers, and its matching ring should be elegant, gorgeous, precious platinum, pearls, diamond rings are good.

The tail fingers are petite - the slim style of the gorgeous sweet samples should be chosen.

Of course, when you wear a ring, no matter what you wear, it doesn't make any sense. This is the general flower ring. This ring is a decorative effect that can be worn on any finger you want to wear without any restraint. Wedding rings cannot be made of alloy and must be made of pure gold, platinum or silver, indicating that love is pure. Under normal circumstances, like the ancient emperor wearing a thumb.

It is said that the ring finger of the left hand has a blood vessel directly connected with the heart, so the new couple must wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of the other hand.

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