A variety of methods to distinguish the quality of towels

As a daily necessities, towels are in contact with the skin every day, so many families do not change the towels regularly, that is, they are often disinfected and cooked. The purpose is to make the towels comfortable and hygienic. However, some towels, even if you carefully clean and disinfect them, I am afraid there will still be problems. Recently, Ms. Chen of Harbin was worried about the towel. As a hospital pharmacist, Ms. Chen has good hygiene habits. Every year, she buys a lot of towels for timely replacement. But this time, Ms. Chen found that the newly bought towel was particularly easy to fade when it was wet. Ms. Chen said that the faded towel made her very uneasy.

The reporter investigated the towel market and found that a towel, the price difference between different brands, is the same as a towel of the same quality, the price ratio of different brands can reach 10 times higher. What standard should we use for the towel we use every day? Is it easy to identify a simple method? Jiang Xiankai, an associate professor at the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials of Heilongjiang University, directed the reporters to conduct experiments.

Experiment 1 Immersion test took out two towels with different prices and started the towel soaking experiment. Put the appropriate hot water in two identical containers and put the two towels one by one into the container.

First of all, when the reporter immersed the blue towel bought in the market with 1 yuan into the water, the water immediately turned blue; when the towel bought with 10 yuan was immersed in water, the water did not change any color.

Experimental results: There is also a speed of color drop. Through the above experiments, it is found that the color of the towel is also slow. According to reports, because the main reason for unqualified towels is that the water absorption and color fastness are not up to standard, the towels with poor color fastness will obviously fade, and the quality is also discounted. In general, a good quality towel will only wash off some of the floating color during the first cleaning. If it fades every time, it is best not to wash your face with this quality towel, otherwise it will be like using "chemical dyes" to wash your face. Over time, it will cause damage to the skin.

Test 2 Water Absorption Test The water absorption of the towel was determined by the sedimentation method: a towel of the same size was selected, and the water absorption property was judged by the speed of the time required for it to wet.

Count with a stopwatch. The first "testing water" is a blue, green and red pattern of towels. Put the towel on the water and press the stopwatch to "start". After seeing the towel, I started to absorb water immediately. Due to the absorption of moisture, the corners of the towel began to sink into the water, and only some of the surface of the fluff was exposed on the water. After that, as the amount of water absorption increases, the entire towel is wetted by water. Pressing "Stop" takes 11 seconds before and after. Followed by a red plaid towel. I saw the towel sinking into the water and began to sink. After a while, it was completely wet, and it took only 6 seconds.

After the colored towel was put into the water, 10 seconds passed and the towel was still floating on the water. After 5 minutes, the towel did not mean to absorb water, and it still floated on the water.

Experimental results: The towel absorbs water regularly and it is found through experiments that the towel absorbs water regularly. That is, the corners first absorb water, then the middle. A towel that absorbs water quickly appears to be evenly sunk due to its high penetration rate. However, if it is slower to absorb water, like the first towel, the corners are already suspended in the water, and some of them are dry in the middle, and a curved surface appears. But when you finally get enough water, you will sink to the bottom. According to experts, the quality of absorbent towels is good.

Experts understand that the color of the towel is not as bright as possible. Jiang Xiankai, an associate professor at the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials of Heilongjiang University, told reporters that the dyeing of towels is generally dyed with reactive dyes and direct dyes. The dyes dyed by reactive dyes are bright in color and have good color fastness. At the same time, due to the use of environmentally friendly ingredients, they will not endanger human health, but the price of dyes is relatively high. Generally, the price per kilogram ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. . The price of direct dyes is only one tenth of that of reactive dyes, but the color dyed products of direct dyes are poor in color fastness. What is more serious is that direct dyes mostly contain aromatic amines. In the National Technical Specifications for Basic Safety of Textile Products, 23 aromatic amines including conjugated amine and 4-aminobiphenyl are strong carcinogens. The dyes containing these 23 aromatic amines are strictly prohibited for use in towels. dyeing.

The towel is not softer, the more it absorbs water. Why are some soft-feeling towels, good water absorption, and some towels that feel good, but they don’t absorb water at all? According to reports, towels do not absorb water, there may be two reasons. One is that the material is not good, for example, using chemical fiber, the water absorption will be very poor. And if plant fiber is used, in general, water absorption is good. If it is soft but does not absorb water, it may be due to the addition of certain additives. For example, a softener, which makes the feel of the towel soft, causes a decrease in water absorbency. Because the softener is attached to the surface of the fiber, like a layer of wax, it not only reduces the friction between the fibers, but also prevents the penetration of water and reduces the water storage capacity between the fibers.

Experts suggest that there are many ways to tell if a towel is good or bad. As an ordinary consumer, how to choose a towel? Jiang Xiankai explained that when picking a towel, the first thing to look at is the label, such as the product name, the implementation standard, the factory name, the grade, the fiber content, the size specification, the washing mark, the safety category, the certificate, and so on. Generally, the labels are perfect and standardized, and the quality is generally good. Also look at the appearance, if it is used as a towel for washing, it is best to choose a lighter color, clear pattern, soft hand, fluffy and elastic, fresh and natural smell, no smell of towels. ”

For shopping locations, Jiang Xiankai said that the quality of towels in large supermarkets or specialty stores is better. However, many elderly people are more willing to go to the market to pick some cheap towels, but as long as you carefully select, I believe that you can find a good towel in the market. Towels that are used daily by the family can be tested for water absorption to determine the quality of the towel. The water droplets dripping on the new towel can be quickly absorbed, indicating that the towel has good water absorption. High quality towels have a feeling of elasticity and friction when used, and the washing will not fade. Inferior towels have poor water absorption, slack, inelasticity, and slippery feel when used. Just like soap is not cleaned, it is more serious when washed, and it is more irritating to the skin and eyes. You can also use the "burn" method to identify whether the towel is a pure cotton product, take a few lines from the newly bought towel, and use fire to burn. If the residue is hard spherical, it is not a cotton towel.

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