The world's ten largest "diamonds"


(Cullinan). Founded on January 21, 1905 in the Premil mine in South Africa. It is pure and transparent with a light blue tones and weighs 3,106 carats. It was later processed into 9 large diamonds and 96 smaller diamonds. One of the biggest ones is called "African Star I", a drop-shaped figure set on the king's scepter. The second largest is called "African Star II", square, 64 faces, weighing 317. carats, set in the crown of the British Empire.


(Braganza). Founded in 1725, it is the largest diamond found in Brazil. It is almost colorless, with a very slight yellow color and weighs 1,680 carats. I didn’t know where to go later. Some people suspect that this diamond may later be more authoritative and found that it is not a diamond, but a topaz.

An unnamed big diamond

In 1919, a jewel diamond weighing 1,500 carats was found in the mines of Prehmer. The color is similar to that of Cullinan. Therefore, some people think that it is the same large crystal as Cullinan, so it is not given. Diamond is specifically named.


(Eureke). In 1893, it was discovered at the Jaggers Fontan Diamond Mine in Orange Free State, South Africa. It is smooth and transparent, blue-white and has a good gloss. It is a high quality diamond. After honing, the largest one weighed 69.68 carats, which was called "noble".

Sierra Leone Star

(Star of Sierra Leone). Sierra Leone's diamonds are known for their high quality, large particles and good octahedral shape. The Star of Sierra Leone was discovered in the diamond mine of Yanggema in February 1972. It weighs 968.9 carats and is colorless.

Coldman. Dedios

It is the largest diamond discovered by Brazil after discovering “Blagangza”. It weighs 922.5 carats and has excellent blue-white color.


(Kohinur) is the oldest known diamond in the world. According to legend, as early as the 13th century, it was discovered in India's famous ancient diamond mining area - Gore. The original stone weighs about 800 carats and is called "Kurunur". It was later processed into an elliptical shape weighing 108.83 carats, colorless (slightly grayish), and renamed "Mountain of Light".

Big mughal

(Great Mogul) is also one of the world famous ancient diamonds. It was discovered in the Kerala mining area in India from about 1630 to 1650. The original stone weighed 787.5 old carats and was processed into a rose flower type. Later, it was unknown.

Voye River

(Weyie River), a large diamond discovered in the sand mine of the Sierra Vieille Valley in 1945. The original stone weighs 770 carats, is nearly colorless, and has good quality. It is then cut into 30 round diamonds. The largest was 31.35 carats and was named "Victory Diamond".

Golden commemorative coin

(Golden Jubilee), discovered in 1986 at the Premiere Mine in South Africa. The original stone weighed 755.50 carats, was dark golden brown, and later grinded a 545.67 carats of large diamonds. This is currently the largest enamel diamond. The diamond is now set on the king's scepter.

Sport Medals
Sport medals are always used as awards for a specific sport, like running, marathon, weightlifting, cycling, etc. 
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Sport Medals

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