What's popular with this spring? Small fragrance coat with a dress

Blowing air conditioning, wearing gloves, really looking forward to the arrival of warm spring. Looking forward to the sprouts early, flowers quietly bloom, people put on thin spring. Windy and sunny spring, the yo general troubles will disappear, then take some time to dress yourself well. Let yourself be beautiful scenery in the eyes of people.


However, the most classic spring with a small fragrance coat with a dress. The following is for everyone to introduce the new spring and summer of 2014, as a fashion lover you deserve. Small white incense coat simple style, comfortable fabric, very wild. Put on a blue sleeveless skirt, lady temperament.


This is a lace jacket, orange-red details embellishment, and hit the color stitching skirt with a very. With a pearl clothing chain, white fish head high heels, will be more aristocratic temperament. This mix of fresh lady, a look that is an intellectual delicate woman.

Pictures from: Purely show women

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