How to wear a professional look with the new wear with

With the development and progress of the times, Chinese women have gradually transformed from family to work. Workplace dress style concern factor is also getting higher and higher. Clothes with Qin Xiang 's women blend of Western and Western elements of the mix, the design of a batch of exquisite women's dresses, very much by the workplace women and fashion people are welcome. The following small series for everyone to introduce two workplace dress up, in this spring you can try oh.


This beige jacket comfortable fabric, simple style waist Slim design, it is adorable. Orange lapel and hand-sleeved embellishment, get rid of the monotonous pure color system, hit color effect is very exciting. Inside wear a leather hit the skirt color, clothing chain as a whole also add a lot of color, very temperament.

怎么穿搭显得职业化 新款职业装搭配

This body dress classic two colors, but the fashion sense of the workplace can be deduced just right. Classic black and white take suits, which with a black shirt, the following with a nine-point design of pencil pants, simple and concise style is also very domineering. Where to stop anywhere is a range of workplace children.

Picture from: Clothes with Qinxiang Women

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