What to wear in March with the appropriate March dress guide

It is about to begin its malathon in March. It has a very different climate in different parts of China in March. In North China, it still has a chill. Spring in central China has a bright spring. In southern China, The dress is enough. For young people traveling around, it is also a dilemma for what to wear for travel in March. For example, what to wear in Guangzhou in March, what to wear in Beijing in March, and what to wear in Hangzhou in March ... This article teaches you what to wear in March and just matches them with different styles.


Beijing in March, is still with a thick cool, though not wearing down coat, but a long-sleeved jacket or essential. Spring in Beijing is always coming late, and in March the nature of dead wood certainly needs color to embellish it. Not to mention thousands of women's clothing installed Rose red trench coat, simple and capable style and rose red tenderness of the integration, so modern with elegance and sophistication, with a moderate thickness of the primer shirt and white leggings, casual waist line Bow, you can easily travel it.

三月份穿什么合适  三月穿衣搭配指南

Hangzhou in March has ushered in the peach blossoms, Willow spit new season friends, quickly choose a piece of their own clothes for the United States and the United States to welcome the arrival of the spring. Thousands of white minimalist models small suit, handsome square small rivets placket, black and white color stitching bright and stylish; white lace bottoming shirt romantic sweet, green warm yellow leggings like spring comfortable sunshine, warm people intoxicated, mustard Green accessories make the spring more colorful.

三月份穿什么合适  三月穿衣搭配指南

The temperature in Guangzhou in March has risen to over 20 degrees and it is enough to wear a long-sleeved dress in midday. Thousands of spring 2014 new dress, with a retro-style printing design, a clear light blue and delicate sweet, waist style and personality five-point sleeves, so that the whole looks more like a Rococo-like court luxury temperament. And sooner or later, with a thin jacket is enough, in March I believe you the most beautiful.


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