T-shirt + jeans fashion out of fashion

There are more and more clothes in the closet, but there is always one thing in common with each and every one of the different styles, which will tie the T-shirt and the jeans together. T-shirt + jeans, fashion never outdated, in life can be seen everywhere figure. Even the handsome boy is the same! Then take a look Xiaobian bring good boy fashion with. A t-shirt with a collar, more a sense of gentleman, so that boys cultivate warm masculinity. Gray and navy perfect blend, showing a low profile in high-profile. A red five-pointed star, but also increased the color brightness Oh! With a straight denim shorts, gentleman in the sunshine! Compared with the previous paragraph, this is even more dazzling, but also better demonstrate the vitality of boys should be. Small V collar neckline design, so that the little boy more relaxed, no sense of tightening! Coupled with a curly denim shorts, showing the boy's lively and stylish. This clothing with, whether coupled with a pair of shoes or sandals, are very good Oh! Picture Source: Children's Wear

Pocket Interlining

Established in 1988, and put integrity, pragmatic, win-win as principle to guide the products` research and development, production and sales which enjoys high reputation all over the world.

All kinds of pockect interlining ,yarn count 45s,and construction 88x60,96x72,110x76 . Composition 100% polyester and 80% polyester +20% cotton .Color can do white ,offwhite ,black ,charcoal and so on .Touch can do soft ,medium ,and hard .

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Pocket Interlining,White Pocket Interlining,Hard Handfeel Pocket Interlining,Black Pocket Interlining

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