What is the meaning of jadeite "six more than six less"?


First, more than six jadeite

1. Polycrystalline jadeite is composed of polycrystalline matter. It is composed of numerous small crystals, some of which are very fine, the particles are as small as 0.01mm, and some are larger, up to 2mm. These small crystals are closely combined with each other. A ring surface may have thousands of crystals. It can be seen clearly by electron scanning or under the microscope. Because of the polycrystalline gemstone, its light transmission Sex is not as good as a single crystal.

2. Multi-mineral composition In the past, people thought that jadeite was composed only of a mineral of jadeite. According to current research, the minerals that make up jadeite are not only jadeite minerals (Jadeite is a mineral in pyroxene minerals), but also other sodium-containing Pyroxene such as sodium chromite, omphacite, etc., and there are some different amphibole minerals and albite.

3, multi-colored and colorful refers to a variety of jade colors, such as white, purple, green, in addition to yellow, red and black, and these color distribution is uneven, and can be on a jade at the same time Appeared, this is not a general gem.

4, a variety of quality / germplasm change endless variety, this is because it is a polycrystal, the thickness of the polycrystal is different, the crystal form is different, the combination of different methods, etc., affecting its transparency, the structure is different makes the jade different Transparency and different textures. Even in the same piece of jade, different transparency, different texture, plus it is composed of a variety of pyroxene minerals, that is, multi-color, so it has a variety of germplasm, the name is also a lot.

5. The formation of multi-stage jadeite is not formed at one time. From the relationship between the green and the bottom of the jade, it is the first to form the "bottom" and then form the green. Studies have shown that the color change of jadeite is large, indicating that its formation has multi-phase geology, which is a superimposed geological phenomenon!

6. Many styles are processed according to its color, transparency, texture thickness and original stone shape. The mosaic style is divided into different types of light body and carved, which are very diverse and are not available in other gems.


Second, the six little jade

1. The production area is less than the other gems from the place of origin. It is only distributed in 5 to 6 countries. Only Myanmar, which can truly reach the gem level, can only make carvings except for Russia. Compared to other precious stones, jade produces less.

2, the production of less jadeite is formed in the ultra-high pressure, low temperature, in the structure of the earth, only the zone where the plates touch each other is possible, and there must be some original rock, that is, ultra-high pressure metamorphic rock, this geological condition is less, so the jadeite is produced. There are not many countries.

3, high-quality jade less from the world's inland continued discovery of jadeite outcrops and deposits, such as Russia, the United States, Japan, Central America have found hard jade deposits, but the lack of gem-quality jade. Jadeite must be transparent and good in color, but it is not easy to have certain chromium ions in jadeite. In particular, it is required to contain a certain percentage to present good color. In addition, there must be particles to have certain light transmittance, but general jadeite minerals. The characteristics are short columnar, and the formation of a fibrous crystal structure is also produced under local conditions under special conditions.

4, non-renewable Burmese jade was formed more than 60 million years ago, the Himalayan sports plate structure rise period, formed after a long geological history, it is not renewable, is a piece of collection, the amount of existence is less.

5, more and more people like jade, more and more, because jade is always the favorite gem of the Chinese, and the former mainland from the 1950s to the 1990s, the standard of living is low, most people do not have the economic ability to buy jade The main jade market is in Taiwan. However, the living standards of the Chinese people are constantly improving, and the demand for jadeite will continue to expand. Relatively speaking, the production of gem-quality jadeite appears to be relatively small.

6. There are few people who know jade. Because the jadeite production area is small, and the Myanmar jade deposit has not allowed ordinary people to get involved for decades, there is no way to study the jade deposit in detail, and the jade trade is full of mystification, so the understanding of jade is only in the emotional stage of individual people, not taken Correct and open publicity and promotion.

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