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The bolster while sitting. It is made of battings, rubber sprays, chemical fiber tires or animal hides. It consists of three layers: an upper fabric layer, an intermediate filling layer, and a lower fabric layer, each layer being joined together by a suture thread. The fabric is made of cotton-encrypted plain weave, filled with cotton, down, sprayed cotton, expanded acrylic, three-dimensional curled polyester wheels, and animal hides. Fabrics are generally made of personal, comfortable, breathable, non-static materials, in order to achieve the purpose of warmth, breathability, and sweat absorption.

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Knit Single Jersey Fabric

Knit Light Fabric, soft with stretch, single jersey, or interlock , pique, mesh, bird-eye, fabric can be solid dyed, yarn dye, printed, jacquard, melange effect, CD yarn designs, fabric composition can be cotton , poly cotton, polyester, cotton rich; CD yarn designs . The fabric mainly for the T shirts, golfer , good for sport wear.

Jersey Knit Fabric,Single Jersey Fabric,White Jersey Knit Fabric,Knit Single Jersey Fabric

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