Card Sibel underwear brand gather bra set

Underwear is an essential personal belongings for every woman's life. It is important to choose a lingerie in the end, I believe as a woman must be aware of it. Card Sibel underwear brand , has been committed to creating healthy, stylish underwear for women, women do the most intimate partner, gather bra set is to let every woman wear out their good figure, to show their self-confidence from the inside out style.


Close to the color of the underwear, more suitable with light-colored clothing, card Sibel Bell's unique design, super gathered models of design and collect your milk to make your excess fat all to where he should go to your more on the Wai Fullness, wearing the same color underwear, even wearing a light-colored skirt is still very decent.

卡诗贝尔内衣皮品牌 聚拢文胸套装

Deep purple underwear suit can always show a woman's unique charm, unique lace hook flower design in the same time wearing a healthy, but also allows you to wear the United States and the United States, deep V style design makes your business line more attractive , Multi-row buckle design to wear more Futie, give you the most intimate care.

Card Sibel underwear brand, gather underwear sets, wear out your good figure.

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