"Pink Blue Wardrobe" Summer 2011 New Investment Promotion Conference

—— The “Blue Dress Wardrobe” Summer 2011 New Investment Promotion Conference will be held soon
Time: February 28 to March 2, 2011
Location: Pink Blue Wardrobe Company Shenzhen Headquarters
Join Hotline:
Miss Zhang Kaixia 15820488276 0755-25496882
Address of Company: 3-6th Floor, Building 117, Liantang No. 1 Industrial Zone, Luohu District, Shenzhen (No. 72, Guowei Road)
Website: "BBLLUUEE pink blue wardrobe"
"BBLLUUEE pink blue"
Company Profile
Shenzhen Powder Blue Wardrobe Garments Co., Ltd. is a young and energetic garment company integrating garment design, production and sales. The company was established in early 2006 and has successfully launched women's wear brands - "BBLLUUEE Powder Blue" and "BBLLUUEE Powder Blue Wardrobe". In the past four years, "BBLLUUEE Powder Blue" and "BBLLUUEE Powder Blue Wardrobe" have achieved simultaneous growth in output value, sales, profits, and taxes of more than 50% annually, and were selected as the vice president units of the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, and they have been evaluated Shenzhen is the "most development potential women's brand", "Top Ten clothing brand", "Top Ten Women's Brand Award", "Best booth image award", "Top Ten Fashion Brand Award." “BBLLUUEE pink blue wardrobe” implements the channel expansion model of “directly based on the market and joining the alliance” and jointly develops the market with the “BBLLUUEE pink blue” brand. Four years of development, "BBLLUUEE pink blue wardrobe", "BBLLUUEE powder blue" quickly based on the direct market, while steadily developing franchise, has established nearly 100 direct sales stores in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, 260 A number of franchise stores have become representative brands for the rapid development of Shenzhen women's apparel in recent years.

brand introduction
Design style: fashion casual and elegant classic fusion, design in the pursuit of comfortable, simple, casual art atmosphere. The popular fashion mix and casual is the main product line of "BBLLUUEE pink blue wardrobe", but the "BBLLUUEE pink blue wardrobe" will also incorporate some of the classic and elegant elements, adapting to the increasingly diversified style of the intellectual clientele.
Fabric choices: mainly environmentally friendly and natural fabrics. Cotton, silk and wool blends are the main choices for the "BBLLUUEE pink-blue wardrobe".
Color choices: Do not refuse fashionable colors, but always keep a lot of khaki, gray, white, black and other intellectual neutral colors, highlighting women's inner temperament and quality of life.
The amount of design: No less than 400 models in spring and summer, no less than 360 models in autumn and winter, 800 models introduced throughout the year. Weekly launch of 12-18.
Age positioning: 20-35 years old.
Price positioning: spring and summer 400-1600 yuan, winter and winter equipment 500-2200 yuan.
To company route:
1. From Bao'an Airport, take Airport Bus No. 6 and get off at Liantang Station. From Bao'an Airport, you can also take bus No. 330 from the airport to Hualian Tower Station, and take Bus No. 113 and bus K113 to get off at Guowei Road Station in Liantang, or take a taxi for about 15 minutes.
2. From Luohu Railway Station, take bus No.220 at Jianshe Road Sandao Center Station to Liantang Guowei Road Station or take a taxi for about 10 minutes.
3. Take Bus No. 311, K113, and 113 from Huaqiang North, the downtown area, and get off at Guowei Road Station, Liantang, or take a taxi for about 15 minutes.
4. Take bus Nos.311, 113, K113, and 220 from the East Gate of the city center and get off at Guowei Road Station, Liantang, or take a taxi. It takes about 10 minutes by car.