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Shenzhen Purple Swiss Garment Co., Ltd. is GLOBABY (HK) CO.LTD. Its apparel brand NATURECOLORED (natural color cotton) in the Chinese market, manufacturers and agents, is specialized in colored cotton, organic cotton, plant fiber and other natural environment-friendly fabric clothing Supplies development and production of high-tech clothing enterprises. In the Chinese market, we follow the most stringent quality and safety standards to produce baby wear that complies with European and American market standards. Fabric testing standards are higher than the most stringent of the baby Class A product standards, raw materials using organic cotton and colored cotton, the production process to ensure that no chemical non-staining, the production process to ensure that the organic environment, to avoid any chemical pollution. Hall No .: E4: Children's Living Hall Booth No .: E4211 Date: March 26-29, 2012 Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall - No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing) Cotton "aims to provide natural, comfortable and environment-friendly apparel products to mothers and mothers all over the world so that children can grow up healthily as a child and nature. "We produce children's clothing that reaches the world's most stringent quality and safety standards for children of 800 million to 6 years of age in the world with organic cotton and natural colored cotton, which constitute 5% of global cotton output." Natural cotton " The leading brand in the professional green fabric baby clothes market is also the first brand of pure natural and non-dyed green baby clothes introduced in China. It meets the high demands of Chinese parents for the environmental protection, safety and comfort of baby clothes.

      Product Category: Nylon Rope, also called Polyamide Rope, made of nylon 6, nylon 66 (polyamide multifilament) fiber, which is woven by two twisting lines and then processed into strands. The rope has high strength and high elongation. Good impact resistance, abrasion resistance, UV and chemical resistance. High resilience, when the elongation is 3%, the rebound rate is 100%, long-term use, not easy to fatigue, long service life, There are 3-strand, 8-strand and 12-strand of nylon ropehigh-strength nylon (polyamide multifilament) ropeNylon Double Braided Rope, widely used in large shipbuilding, ocean transportation, heavy industry shipbuilding, warships, streamers, oil exploration, fishing, mining, etc.

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