Small women underwear create amazing charm of women

Guangzhou Little Women's underwear Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan's Little Women's Enterprise Group established in the mainland. Group company is located in Hsinchu Science Park in Taipei, covering more than 300 acres and employs more than 2,800 people. In the "rooted in Taiwan, embracing the Divine, the world's" business development, the women's enterprises continue to blaze a trail to innovate and advance with the times.


"Fashion, sexy, environmental protection, considerate", enjoy the spring at the West Lake, wind help tender willow, fine number of gold; daughter is difficult to lock her daughter Road, quietly moving Zheng decorated Yuzhu. Sliver sliver, but drunk little woman, apricot Xiuchun; huqin shame and spring, but scared huaxu no place to seek.


Underwear, is not only a beauty of ladies a personal clothing, but also an elegant and sexy artwork, she represents a woman's attitude and way of life, small women's underwear, small women's underwear style compact and chic , And the personal temperament of women, elegant. Its series of "Chinese romance of the yellow silk", "Love of the allure" and "elegant style of the Sui and Tang Dynasties" have become the classic of underwear fashion. In the design of materials is to make full use of folds, lace, silk, Kam-face, carved flowers and other elements and high-grade fabric to create elegant and noble style.

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