NGYkids pumpkin buds set off a new round of children's clothing European style

Pumpkin bud brand is Beijing Shafei Er children's Fashion Co., Ltd. in 2005 to apply for the children's clothing brand, and has the sole right to use the Chinese region, designed for children aged 0-15 wearing experience, the brand to lively and lovely cartoon style "pumpkin bud "As a brand identity. Golden pumpkin shape, meaning harvest and good luck; green leaves are a symbol of health and environmental protection. In this gold and green against each other, then give pumpkin bud children's clothing brand more social significance, for each child to provide quality, healthy, green clothing, as our mission! NGYkids pumpkin buds Beijing Children's Fashion Co., Ltd. Beijing Shafei Kids's NGY brand children's clothing is about to set off a new round of children's wear in China European style! NGYkids children's wear focus on fashion color, emphasizing comfort and safety, admiration for children's wear with art, show urban children's style, promote fashion, comfort, environmental protection and leisure experience.

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