Use the network to find six customers

[China Glass Network] According to the survey, although many foreign trade companies have established e-commerce platforms, they do not know how to use the network to find foreign trade customers. The following small series will share some tips for using the network to find cu

TTF Wu Fenghua: On Three Levels of Jewelry Design

If you want to stand in the field of global high jewelry, unique original design, exquisite craftsmanship, perseverance must be possessed, and the field of jewelry design, form aesthetics, cultural aesthetics and philosophical thinking are progressive. Formal beauty is the most basic part

How to choose small wooden crafts

Wooden small arts and crafts are works that have originality, profound ideological content, and reflect the author's aesthetic and artistic skills. The subject matter content and expression form of art wood carvings depend on two aspects, including the artist's own artistic accompl

[Olympics] How Much Does China Make?

As we all know, the unlimited business opportunities of the Olympic Games, especially the brand marketing warfare has become the main manifestation of the Olympics business warfare. Nike and Adidas have always been the protagonists of Olympic marketing, and Adidas is the top sponsor of the

WISEMI-Master Cat Guizhou Renhuasong brilliant night

Guizhou Tongren pine nuts WISEMI-Master Cat flagship store on July 8, 2012 grand opening! At the opening of the occasion, through the company's meticulous planning, staged a brilliant night of WISEMI-Master Cat in Tongren Songtao Pedestrian Street in Guizhou Province. Catwalks, model shows, tal