How to choose small wooden crafts

Wooden small arts and crafts are works that have originality, profound ideological content, and reflect the author's aesthetic and artistic skills. The subject matter content and expression form of art wood carvings depend on two aspects, including the artist's own artistic accomplishments and interests, as well as the natural wood's shape and texture, with high ornamental value and collection value.

The wood commonly used in small wood crafts includes yellow pear, sandalwood, and small leaf Tan, among which Hainan yellow pear is a “treasure” in wood and has a high collection value. There are also certain techniques for distinguishing the wood. There are "ghost eyes" on the pear wood grain, cow's hair veins on the lobular rosewood, and the sandalwood will reveal a special fragrance.

The production of small wooden crafts is usually divided into rough blanks, light polishing, coloring and glazing. The carving of the master is superb and determines the value of the wood carvings. In addition, the value of the finished product carved from the same piece of wood is higher than the value of wood carving from the combination of several types of timber. The value of the old tree is higher than that of the new tree.

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