WISEMI-Master Cat Guizhou Renhuasong brilliant night

Guizhou Tongren pine nuts WISEMI-Master Cat flagship store on July 8, 2012 grand opening! At the opening of the occasion, through the company's meticulous planning, staged a brilliant night of WISEMI-Master Cat in Tongren Songtao Pedestrian Street in Guizhou Province. Catwalks, model shows, talent shows, interaction with consumers and other colorful programs attracted tens of thousands of Songtao audience to participate in the promotion of master's cat brand promotion. So that consumers feel the charm of the brand master's cat culture, which laid the master's cat in the hearts of the status of Songtao. Here, congratulations Guizhou Tong Ren Songtao WISEMI-Master Cat flagship store business is booming, Caiyuanguangjin! Company Name: Bai Nai Wei Industrial Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City Company Address: Nancheng, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the first International 3, Building 4, 5th Floor Brand: WISEMI- Master Cat Children's clothing brand website: http:// Tel : turn 8055 Fortune Tel: Mr. Zhang QQ:

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