[Olympics] How Much Does China Make?

As we all know, the unlimited business opportunities of the Olympic Games, especially the brand marketing warfare has become the main manifestation of the Olympics business warfare. Nike and Adidas have always been the protagonists of Olympic marketing, and Adidas is the top sponsor of the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Although the Egyptian Olympic delegation was armed with fakes, it was helpless, but its brand rendering of Nike and Adidas had a sensational effect of “silent success”.

In the London Olympic Games, sports brands such as Li Ning, Anta and Peak can also be seen. In the four-year Olympic Games, Chinese sports brands will not miss the business opportunities brought by the Olympic Games.

Peak has already signed contracts with 7 Olympic delegations from New Zealand, Slovenia, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Cyprus to provide delegations with sportswear such as prizes and jackets. Heng Yuanxiang, Li Ning, Anta, Hongxing Erke and other domestic sportswear companies also played the "Olympic card." Among them, Li Ning launched a special “Red Scale” series of competition suits for the London Olympics, and also signed five championship teams of Chinese gymnastics team, shooting team, diving team, table tennis team and badminton team; Heng Yuanxiang launched a brand new Chinese Olympics. The delegation's dress; Anta provided the award-winning equipment for the 10 international Olympic events for the Chinese delegation; Hongxing Erke reached a sponsorship agreement with the Iranian Olympic Committee.

In addition, the world's number one sports power - the United States Olympic Games delegation will wear the "Made in China" Ralph Lauren brand sportswear into the "London Bowl"; Czech Republic and Slovakia's national team uniforms are also from the hands of Chinese companies Even the sportswear worn by the torch bearers of the London Olympic Games is made in China.

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