Why Myanmar's jade is expensive

With the development of economy, the domestic demand for jadeite in Myanmar is getting higher and higher, but those who are interested will find that the price of jadeite is slowly rising recently. What are the reasons? The following analysis points are for reference only. First, the curr

Wide-leg pants wide-leg pants with what shirt look good

Wide-leg pants spring and summer is back, wide-leg pants can not only cover the annoying small thick legs for you, but also make you more three-dimensional, wide leg pants can wear domineering, if you are a professional white-collar workers, that Even more need, wide leg pants can deepen your temp

How to wear a professional look with the new wear with

With the development and progress of the times, Chinese women have gradually transformed from family to work. Workplace dress style concern factor is also getting higher and higher. Clothes with Qin Xiang 's women blend of Western and Western elements of the mix, the design of a batch of exqui

Floral dress with Floral style with how

Floral, a kind of pastoral style, sweet and yet elegant, quiet season is about to pass, floral style so that you really like a blossoming spring flowers, spring seasons, are you ready? Floral style walking in the street "vase" girls can not easily broken Oh. Photo Source: Wood and sil