Light yellow dress look good? 2014 summer dress color

I remember Xiao Bian a university roommate likes to buy yellow clothes. Ask why she is so fascinated. She told me yellow has a close feeling of nature. Will be reminiscent of small yellow flowers, beaches, sunshine and so on. Such a color of hope and vitality, do not like too hard. Described below

"Sports shoes" dotting the street fashion new trend

This February 10th, this site , the girls are still wronged for their beauty and reluctant to put their feet but do not give up in that “hate to heaven” in it? High-heeled shoes, of course, like the magic to modify the leg curve The magical effect, but the pain will follow.

Color gold maintenance method

Regardless of the material of the jewelry, I believe that you love to wear jewelry, it is necessary to understand how to maintain jewelry. So today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the maintenance method of color gold jewelry, how to maintain the color gold ? Since the col