Identification of jade ice and glass species

The presence of white cotton is a very important factor in the identification of jade ice and glass. In general, the interior of ice jadeite has very obvious white cotton. The structure between cotton and jadeite is clear and distinct; while the interior of glass jadeite

Good fun in agate

Mineralogists refer to agate as a collection of quartz crystallites that are tuberculous or crystalline glandular and have a band-like structure. Use a hammer equalizer to strike the agate. If a hollow sound is heard, open the agate, you can see the internal structure of b

Meteorite Crafts: Innovative Collection of Meteorite

How to let the rock to play a bigger role has always been a question for Mr. Bai Tiejun, the collector of Xining. He said that the meteorite resources in Qinghai Province are relatively abundant, and the value of meteorites must not only stop at scientific research. With this kind of thin

Sweatshirts to create your own style

Ben Wang, January 26, cold weather, the focus of the lens re-convergence on the sweater; how can a man do not have a few decent sweaters? From worsted crew neck sweater and wool cardigan to rough thick sweater, are Must become a must-have for men's wardrobe. This winter brings warmth to your w

How to safely install the multifunctional shower room

[China Glass Net] The multi-functional shower room has a sophisticated appearance and a modern sense. Its diversification presents a variety of styles. The shower room has quickly conquered people and occupied the main space of the bathroom. So how much do you know about the i