Identification of jade ice and glass species

The presence of white cotton is a very important factor in the identification of jade ice and glass.

In general, the interior of ice jadeite has very obvious white cotton. The structure between cotton and jadeite is clear and distinct; while the interior of glass jadeite is as pure as glass, it does not contain white cotton. In this case, someone will have a slightly better quality ice jade to counter the high-gloss glass jade. Therefore, when identifying jadeite, it is necessary to know that there are more floating cotton than glass, and better ice jadeite is not as transparent as glass. As far as transparency is concerned, there is a jargon that the glass is very influent, that is, the transparency is extremely high; and those that do not reach the very water are called ice. Although sometimes the fingers of the jade are visible through the naked eye, as long as there is no glass, it is still an ice jade.

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