Xinhua News Agency: Jiangsu Cotton Planted to 350 Million Mu This Year

The cotton acreage and output of the traditional cotton-producing province of Jiangsu have decreased year after year. The reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Agriculture Commission that Jiangsu's cotton planting area was 6 million mu in 2005, and it fell to 4 million mu in the previous year, and this year it fell to 3.5 million mu, which is the lowest point in six years.

It is understood that in recent years cotton farmers have high cost of cotton, low purchase prices of cotton, unreasonable prices of grain and cotton, and widespread loss of cotton, many farmers are reluctant to plant cotton. For example, in Dafeng, the main cotton producing area, this year's cotton planting area has been significantly reduced compared to last year, currently only 400,000 mu.

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