Harry Potter Bear Kids Dress up a wonderful childhood

Children's world is always full of unknown novelty, always inadvertently create some jokes, bring us laughter, slowing down our tired life. We like innocent children's smile, always want their children's childhood can be more exciting, and the Harry Potter Bear children's clothes just can at any time dress up the wonderful childhood. The pursuit of fashion, leisure, comfort and environmental protection leads the fashion consumer of Harry Potter Xiong Kids. It leads the fashion trend of children's clothes and tailor-made children's wear products for the urban children aged 3-16 years. As the owner of children's clothing brand of Harry Potter Bear, Guangzhou Xiaodou Bean Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the strategy of "effective expansion" and "sustainable development", and is determined to be the first-class children's wear enterprise in China. Looking forward to the future, the company sincerely hopes to cooperate with more children's franchisees to compose a new chapter of Harry Potter Bear. Targeted consumer groups located in 3 to 16 years old imaginative and expressive, the pursuit of fashion, healthy lifestyle, stylish children. "Harry Potter Bear" product prices located in the high-end, to adapt to the current domestic 95% of the regional and urban sales. The brand advocates the concept of "health, environmental protection, innovation and responsibility" based on the principle of "environmental protection, health, fashion and individuality". The choice of fabrics focuses on environmental protection and texture and is keen on using natural environmental protection materials such as cotton, hemp, silk and cashmere, Good at Lycra, Uganda yarn, acrylic and other rich texture of the new fabrics clever use, the pursuit of harmony in the color of the United States, beauty crafted, perfection on the production process, the clothing reasonable price concessions, noble superior clothing quality, so that even more More children enjoy childhood fashion, release personality.

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