Fuwa Bear, not a short light, you need to be forever brilliant

Founded in 2003, Guangzhou Xiaodoumou Garments Co., Ltd. was mainly engaged in the OEM processing of children's wear in Europe and the United States in recent years. In recent years, it has been targeting the domestic children's wear market and timely launched the "Baby Bear LUCKY BABY BEAR" and the "Harry Potter Bear HBBear "own-brand children's clothing. Harry Potter Bear brand founder unique insight in the domestic investment in the first to invest heavily in the development of children's wear casual fashion clothing to children's health and environmental protection as the principle, the bold introduction of educational functions and children's clothing, the successful development of the kit coup service, to break the routine In children's wear implanted in the parents of children's kit wonderful education, and the unique terminal promotion methods, the successful promotion of beer directly into children's clothing, creating a precedent for the promotion of children's clothing. The concept of respect and care for children and healthy fashion clothing to all the world's parents and children Brand goal: to make every child lively and confident atmosphere, have their own ideals, have rich inside, have rich feelings, have Awe-inspiring righteousness, leaving unforgettable childhood memories!

T10 Timing Belt

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