Natural cotton into the new darling of men (Figure)

Compared to the beauty of women's first, men's designers seem to care more about the choice of fabric, after all, the "practical school" boys, whether to wear comfortable is the key. A few days ago, according to the designer of advanced Italian trousers introduced, the series is

August fabric market sells autumn fabrics overview

In the first half of August, the prices of chemical fiber fabrics improved compared with that in July, and the trading volume in Shengze, Jiaxing and Changxing markets also gradually rose. The varieties of transactions in the market were sluggish and obvious, and the sales of products were

Felt brand discount nationwide join in fire

With the continuous improvement of consumer awareness of the mainland clothing brand, the overall trend of international and domestic garment trade and the unique advantages of the Philippine-based apparel itself, the senior executives of the enterprise group decisively put forward the new portabil

A preliminary understanding of modern antique jade (2)

Antique jade imitation is ancient jade features. There are many kinds of ancient jade materials, and the different materials form different color changes in ancient jade. Excellent jade (such as Xinjiang Hetian jade) is not etched in almost any natural medium (excluding hydrofluoric acid a

Late Summer Fashion Sandals Perfect

Ben Wang on August 16 hearing, both envy the boy's smart, but also want to have the sweet girl, then let this pair of shoes to meet your wish. The shoes were designed with cross straps, and they took a cool look at the men. The scarlet on the soles of the shoes revealed the sweetness of the da