Declassification: seven methods of ancient jade

â–  Shantou: The jade is grilled with fire, making the jade color gray, which is like the "chicken bone white" in the ancient jade. Any hoe, there must be a fine crack formed by the fire, and the chicken bone is white. â–  Meiyu: It is made of jade with

Several methods to identify Hetian jade

1, Xinjiang Hetian jade has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 ~ 6.9, easy to scratch the glass, and no damage to itself, will give a metal-like sound when struck. 2. Xinjiang Hetian jade has great toughness, is not easy to be broken, and is wear-resistant. It is superior to Qinghai,

The world's most precious six diamond varieties

Diamond is the most beautiful baby in the world. For other colors other than the grading standard, such as red, blue, purple, etc., because it is extremely rare, the diamond of this color is a treasure in the diamond, and its price is much higher than that of the general d

Five principles for purchasing jade wool

Jadeite is formed in nature. Therefore, due to the different conditions, climate, environment and other factors in the formation, the quality of jade wool is good or bad. For how to choose high quality jade wool, you must know the five principles: 1. Color: In the common

It is easier for Chinese companies to make brands.

[China Glass Network] The first problem is "greed" There are many companies that make brands, they are all blind, and the purpose behind them is simple, that is, making money and greed. This is the desire without a bottom line, so we say that there are so many thin

How to wear a wig, let you ride the magic time

Is it like us to marvel more than once that the DIVA is also short and black and white? Everyone knows that real hair can't stand this kind of tossing. It's king to master the good ability to play with a wig ! Today, "Boutique" teaches you how to wear wigs and let you run for the