Several methods to identify Hetian jade

1, Xinjiang Hetian jade has a Mohs hardness of 6.5 ~ 6.9, easy to scratch the glass, and no damage to itself, will give a metal-like sound when struck.

2. Xinjiang Hetian jade has great toughness, is not easy to be broken, and is wear-resistant. It is superior to Qinghai, Russian and Korean in terms of jade carving art and fine carving.

3, Xinjiang Hetian jade amphibole content of 95% ~ 99%, is a blanket-like interweaving structure, mineral particles are extremely fine, impurity minerals are very few, and these are the fine texture of Xinjiang Hetian jade, high density, look and feel dignified, handcuffs Heavy weight, strong light and strong color, and an important reason for pure color.

4. In contrast, the oily light of Xinjiang Hetian Yangzhibaiyu looks like fresh pig fat; the oily feeling of Qinghai sheep fat white jade is like the fat of pigs running oil; the fat of Russian sheep white jade is more It is like a pig fat frozen in the refrigerator.

Hetian jade

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