Gem named after the place of origin - Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline

Just like tanzanite, Paraiba is also a gem named after the place of origin. In the late 1980s, for the first time in the Paraíba, Brazil, lithium tourmaline containing copper and blue to green was discovered. From this market, the mineral is called Paraiba Tourmaline.

In 1982, an ideal and aspiring Brazilian gem miner named Heitor Dimas barbosa began his hard digging on the hills of Paraíba, Brazil. During his career, he was convinced that there would be a different baby waiting for him to discover. After five years of mining, the first Paraiba tourmaline crystal was mined. This gems with amazing blue neon colors immediately captured the world's eyes, and gemologists said that there are few words that can accurately describe the beauty of their radiance and brilliance. Paraiba Tourmaline is immediately considered to be the finest tourmaline variety ever discovered and assigned to a fairly high position on the gemstone scale. During the 1990 Tusang Gem Fair, the price of Paraiba Tourmaline rose from 100-200 dollars/carat to 200 dollars/carat in just 4 days, and the increase of more than ten times was amazing.

The reason why Paraiba Tourmaline is loved by everyone is mainly because of its unique color, and even the unique color that can only be produced by "neon" or "electronic components". The reason for this color is that the chemical composition of the gem contains a small amount of copper and manganese. The higher the number of copper, the more radiant blue, and the greater contribution of manganese to the nuances of purple and red. Therefore, Paraiba tourmaline is also known as Cuprian tourmaline. The reason why Paraiba is rare is that it has only been produced in a few copper-rich areas.

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