Bright color cotton clothing pounced on the streets of Women's Corvette struck strongly

Silk women's clothing is a typical representative of the Korean style, each season strive to seize the pulse of fashion trends, from the apparel fabrics, style design and small details to highlight the brand's charm. 2013 autumn and winter, silk to make smart, bright color cotton series won a lot of consumer's favorite.

亮彩棉服跃动街头 帛珂女装强势来袭

Bright orange reminds us of yellow color of the navel orange, with a fur scarf to enhance the sense of warmth and fashion degrees.

亮彩棉服跃动街头 帛珂女装强势来袭

Peacock blue is also pocketed this year, eyeballs, simple and elegant casual wear has become a good choice for young girls publicity personality.

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