Declassification: seven methods of ancient jade

â–  Shantou: The jade is grilled with fire, making the jade color gray, which is like the "chicken bone white" in the ancient jade. Any hoe, there must be a fine crack formed by the fire, and the chicken bone is white.

â–  Meiyu: It is made of jade with soft texture and poor quality, and then boiled with high concentration of ebony. The soft place will be emptied by ebony water, showing signs of water rushing, and then colored by oil extraction. People call this fake product called Meiyu.

â–  Wind jade: After boiled jade with thick gray water and ebony water, take it out and put it in the snow and snow for a day and night. The jade is frozen and cracked. The jade is hard and the crack is fine, so it pretends to be ancient jade. The jade hair of the real jade has a tortuous shape, and the thickness is not uniform, but the pseudo is not.

■ 叩 :: This method was produced during the Qing Emperor Qianlong. The specific method is to mix the jade billet with iron filings, then quench it with hot vinegar, put it into the wet underground for several days, remove it and then bury it underground for several months. At this time, the jade has been iron. Corrosion of the chips, orange peel, the texture of the rust is dark red, there are soil spots, like ancient jade.

â–  Old oil: It is said that this method is very ancient. During the Northern Song Dynasty, some people used a kind of red light grass produced in the mountains of Gansu Province, and added the juice to the jade sand, and marinated it between the jade textures of the new jade, and then grilled the fire with fresh bamboo branches to make the red color into the jade. Its red is like chicken blood, and the identification of famous people is often not observed.

â–  Method of making loess rust: Apply jade to the jade, and embed it into the loess mud. The resulting loess rust will become more and more like the jade rust of ancient jade.

â–  Hematopoietic method: Mix the pig blood and loess into a mud, put it into a large tank, and embed the jade in it. After a long time, there will be traces of loess rust and blood on the jade.

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