Men's Latin Dance Shoes Selection Guide

[This site - shoes and life] to choose men's dance shoes We have to start from several aspects: the size of the shoes, the length of the midsole, the height of the heel and so on.

Wrong point of view: Many people choose to wear shoes, will choose a pair of tight fit, wear comfortable dance shoes on the feet, usually will buy the number of yards to wear when shopping in peace. This is very wrong.

One reason: professional Latin dance shoes are soft-soled shoes. In the process of dancing, we need to squat your feet (press your feet). When you squat your feet, your feet will shrink, so you feel that your shoes will become bigger. On the other hand, picking a small size of shoes will make you feel comfortable when you rub your feet.

Reason two: Each person's foot is different, dance shoes need to be very close to the feet (this is jargon, meaning that when dancing, the heel and foot need to be placed together in one piece). Therefore, we need to buy a small size of shoes. It will feel a little uncomfortable to wear twice. However, when we wear it for the third time, the shoes will be stretched and we have just put together.

The right way to buy shoes: do not buy hard-soled shoes, you must buy soft-soled shoes; buy shoes when you want to pick a small one-size-fits-all shoes when you go shopping; when you wear your feet, the toes must be exceeded Toecap (convenient to pull the floor with big female toe)

The length of the midsole: The midsole is a technical term for shoes. It refers to the hard bottom that supports the foot. Because the Latin dance shoes need to use the instep, the midsole cannot protrude too much. The reference point should not be more than the base of the feet, otherwise it will affect the stretching of the feet.

The old dance shoe heel is about 3.6-4cm. Now the new shoe standard is between 4.4 and 4.6. You may say that it is not too much, just a few centimeters, which is enough to decide whether your shoes can be correctly Support weight, whether to stand on the broken palm and whether it is with the feet (with the feet is the line of the feet is consistent with the shoes, can move freely, but will not leave the shoes). (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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