Congratulations ladies era brand women's new city opened another new store

Into the new September, but also a new start! Ladies era women opened a new store in the new city. After intense preparations, is located in the new city of Ladies' Day Ladies and Gentlemen brand boutiques finally meet with the majority of fashion women! At the same time, the 2013 autumn new series also warm the market! Warmly look forward to the beauty of their presence! There are multiple surprises during the celebration Discount waiting for you Oh!


Ladies fashion brand women's clothing inspired by the trendy women's fashion brand in Asia trendy style, is a pursuit of fashion, highlighting the personality, integration into the forefront of fashion in China's urban fashion ladies fashion brand . The main style is fashion, the public, Korean version, ladies.

Ladies era Advocate the "fast fashion" development model: top outstanding design strength, keeping up with the fashion trend, the speed of new products to the store to stimulate exciting those who are hungry for fashion, but do not have the ability to consume high-end luxury brands often consumption The needs of the people.

Ladies fashion brand Bingzhe "made, so thoroughly, for a long time" franchisee market growth programs, according to market demand, as well as the different conditions of the franchisees to develop the most suitable for its development programs to ensure that each franchisee can do Into, do thoroughly, for a long time.

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