Septwolves star design hot listing decoding character male gene

Septwolves [star design models] has been hot market, which is our spokesman - Zhang Han, Feng Shaofeng, Li Chen personally joined the design of clothing, with the classic elements of fashion this year's autumn and winter trends, to show a different character male genes. Every man interprets his inner world through different ways of life. For these three celebrity designers, in the interpretation of the lives of other people's stories of life, hand in hand seven wolves personality men's clothing design is also a cross-border self-talk process, a perfect internal self-awareness of the opportunity. Now, to the seven wolves set the store to buy limited edition celebrities, send premium limited edition gift. [Seven wolves character gene code decoding] so that the outbreak of the energy of life [blood], let life bloom light [style], so that grade follow their own pace [classic retro], this is the iron man - Zhang Han to the male gene! Elegant The people of [rigid and meritorious] work, elegant people also [degree of relaxation] life, elegant people even more to [elegant military uniform] progressive interpretation of the perfect balance of prudence, this is the elegant gentleman - Feng Shaofeng male Gene! In order to dream endless sleep [struggle], coupled with the inner strength of the speed of the relentless pursuit, plus a [neat] type of men's clothing, this is the locomotive driver - Li Chen's male gene! Main activities Store:

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