Jade jewelry wears a long time, will it grow green?

Recently, some customers have consulted the experts of Tianshengyuan: the jade jewelry has been worn for a long time, will the green color above be “long”? In fact, there are quite a few people who have asked this question, and the experts here have unified responses.

Jade jewelry wears a long time, will it grow green?

Emerald is usually referred to as gem-quality jadeite, whose mineralogical name is sphagnum. Pure sodium pyroxene is colorless, and once added with chromium, pure sodium pyroxene will appear green. Therefore, whether natural jadeite is green or not is related to the presence or absence of chromium in the interior of jadeite. According to experts, the more chrome elements, the greener the color of jade. However, jade jewelry is a product processed from pure natural jade stone. The internal chromium content has been relatively fixed, and its green color should not change. However, in some cases, chromium in jade can produce a chemical reaction, which causes a small amount of diffusion of chromium, which is why people think that green will be "long".

The currently accepted explanation is that because the human body has a certain temperature and sweats when heated, the acid-alkaline components in the sweat will penetrate into the jade through the micro-cracks of the jade jewelry. These components may chemically react with chromium ions or dissolve the chromium ions that have been consolidated in the jade to produce a mobile migration, so that the green of the jade is "long".

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