2012 spring and summer calla carmen pleated skirt

In the spring and summer of 2012, the pleated skirt not only failed to exit the tide of the trend, but also more and more "favored" momentum, Queen B Leighton Meester, Kate Bosworth, • Miranda Kerr and other celebrities love the colorful candy-colored, water-pleated pleated skirts with fresh, pinkish colors that give the summer a touch of comfort ...

卡蔓 - Carmen

Both to show the beautiful body, but also light and elegant skirts have what? Tulle skirt, silk skirt, chiffon skirt ... ... One of the most can not be ignored, was pleated skirt! In spring and summer of 2012, pleated skirt not only did not exit the trend line, more and more "favored" momentum, fresh pink color, bring summer a trace of comfort, in the Smart elegant, as if to capture the girls unique sweet youth, then the card spread carmen pleated skirt


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Basic distinction of mink grades
To talk about Now, 90% of the mink raw materials are produced in Denmark and Finland.
Most of them, about 10% of which come from the United States and other countries in North America, and most of them are artificially bred, the real natural wild mink is probably unique. Mink is a small precious fur animal belonging to mammals, carnivores, and ferrets in animal taxonomy. In the wild, there are two species of American mink and European mink. At present, mink garments are reared artificially all over the world. 99% of the mink garments we see are reared artificially. The advantage of artificial rearing is that the mink skins are seldom disabled. The average size, thickness, fur distribution and color difference are small after the mink skins are ripe. In addition, there is a significant difference between fur of female mink and female mink. The fur of male mink is large and rich, which makes it weighty to wear. The female mink is softer and lighter to wear, and uses more. Female minks have narrow and small fur, short fur, dense and light hair, young and glossy fur, and their products are more precious because of the small amount of fur sheets. As for the better kind of male and female mink, generally speaking, it is still a grade difference, but it still needs to be chosen according to the preference and design of the buyer. There are about 15 natural colors of mink skin, among which the most popular are: this Black Mink skin, brown-brown mink skin, brown-black mink skin, brown-black mink skin, silver-gray mink skin, pearl mink skin, White Mink skin, black cross mink skin (with a cross pattern on the back hair).

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